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Rolls-Royce Has The Answer For The Poshest Tailgate Party Ever

Rolls-Royce has yet to announce how many seats there will be inside its forthcoming Cullinan, but it has revealed the SUV will have a pair of really nice chairs on the outside.

The British prestige carmaker today revealed that the Cullinan will be offered with what it refers to as the "viewing suite," a pair of leather-trimmed seats that emerge "gracefully" from the cargo area -- along with a cocktail table -- at the touch of a button.

Rolls calls the viewing suite the "best seat in the house" for taking in a breathtaking sunset or watching a sports event. Even better, can't you see yourself perched on these chairs in the parking lot outside Old Trafford stadium, pre-gaming with Pimm's Cups before a Manchester United match against Liverpool?

The manufacturer calls its newest feature a first for both the auto and luxury industries (implying that no upscale upfitter has come up with such an idea) and one that comes from Rolls's "deep understanding of the lifestyles and expectations" of its demanding clients.