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2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV to Get 261 hp and 51 km of EV Range

When the 2022 Hyundai Tucson PHEV arrives in Canada this summer as the third distinct version of the brand's dramatically redesigned compact crossover, its 261-hp plug-in hybrid powertrain will make it the most potent member of the family.

Like the conventional Tucson Hybrid announced earlier this year, the PHEV uses a 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, but a larger battery allowed Hyundai to bump total power output by 34 hp from the regular hybrid’s 227 hp. There’s also a gas-powered model that gets 187 hp from a 2.5L engine.

The PHEV’s bigger battery promises up to 51 km of all-electric driving range on a full charge, which happens in less than two hours when connected to a Level 2 charger. With those specs in play, Hyundai says most drivers who can charge at home and at work should be able to commute fuel-free.

Hyundai follows in Toyota’s footsteps by making the Tucson PHEV the most potent model in the lineup: the plug-in Toyota RAV4 Prime boasts 302 hp to the standard hybrid’s 219 hp and the gas-only version’s 203.

Like the Tucson Hybrid, the PHEV has standard mechanical AWD. Hyundai says its "e-handling" system promises sharper cornering responses by using the electric motor to apply braking force to the front wheels at turn-in, and then powers up the rear axle when exiting a corner for more efficient acceleration.

Hyundai hasn’t revealed pricing for the Tucson PHEV, but you can count on it to cost more than the standard Tucson Hybrid, which goes for $38,799 in Luxury trim and $41,499 when dressed in Ultimate form. Watch for Tucson PHEV pricing details closer to the car’s summertime launch.

Hyundai today also revealed details of the Tucson N-Line, the little crossover’s sportiest-looking offering. Based on the gas-powered Tuscon, the N-Line package doesn’t add any performance, but it gets a bunch of cosmetic touches for a more aggressive appearance.

On the outside, there are trim-specific 19-inch wheels; black headlight bezels, side mirrors and window trim; N-Line bumpers, grille, and rear spoiler; and dual exhaust tips. Inside, you get N-Line logos on the steering wheel, shifter and seats; leather/fabric seating with red accents that carry over to the door trim; a black headliner; metal pedals and door sill plates; and a Bose stereo. The N-Line is also the only Tucson to offer a Red Crimson paint colour, in addition to black, white, and gray shades.

When it arrives this spring, the Tucson N-Line will be the priciest gas-only offering in the lineup, at $36,999; lesser models range in price from $27,699 to $34,699.